What is My Spoken Story?

My Spoken Story captures verbal history, photos, and character by a memory to memoir interview. Our aim is to save on camera that which a photograph misses - the voice, ideology, and verbal history of a loved one in their last season of life. With a camera, a question, and a passion, My Spoken Story is transforming the legacy left behind for generations.

Who we work with

Combining the latest technology, skilled technicians, and a heart for capturing verbal history, My Spoken Story gives families the chance to save their history on video. Cinematic art and visual stimulation aside, we are solely focused on what needs to be captured on camera. Through an introductory discussion, our certified personal historians discuss different roads an interview can take and what is the aim of the recording. Once everyone is aware of where the discussion will go, we meet at your most comfortable location. Camera setup, audio recording, and all additional requests are handled by My Spoken Story and we complete all video work in house. 

Why we work

Imagine for a moment a photo of your great, great, grandfather. Now think, how would you feel if you could hear his voice and listen to his stories?  Though many of our history is lost to forgotten memories, we now live in an age where we can record the ones we still have with us.

“I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”
— Banksy

Technology has raised us higher then ever before. We must not forget those that came before us and the wisdom they have to offer. Utilizing the tools of today to capture the stories from yesterday, we will make our dearest memories immortal for future generations to learn from. 

Where we work

My Spoken Story is located in Los Angeles California. Under the southern California sun is where we do most of our recording, though we are willing and able to travel where ever your life's story has landed. We regularly travel to the east coast for events and special occasions. Follow us and sign up for email alerts for our next East Coast Tour.

How we work

Our personal historians are members of the Association of Personal Historians and we work closely with The Veteran's Project, StoryCorps, and the Healing Story Alliance. Once interviewed, there are multiple venues for a story to be submitted for archival. My Spoken Story offers submissions free of charge and helps you share your wisdom with the world. This is a wonderful option if chosen.