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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long after the recording will the interview be available?
    • Our personal historians, video editors, and image processors complete your story efficiently and professionally while keeping in mind time. The average turn around time is 28 days. If time is of the essence, we can expedite the process with priority level work for an additional fee.
  2. Can I choose the questions asked?
    • Our personal historians love working closely with those who we are saving on video. We can collaborate, take recommendations, and gear our discussion in the format requested. Though questions may be requested for the interview, we can never promise the recipient will answer them.
  3. How long will the Declaration video be?
    • A Declaration video is meant to be between 5 and 7 minutes long. It encompasses a viewpoint upon the individuals past, a piece of their present thoughts, and an insight into future wishes.
  4. Does MySpokenStory archive any of it's media?
    • All services currently come with a free upload and archive on our website. Customers love this additional service so that distant loved ones have an easy opportunity to view and share Declaration video's. If you wish MySpokenStory not to archive or upload your information, please let our personal historian know during their visit.
  5. Can MySpokenStory record outside of the greater Los Angeles County?
    • We are more than welcome to travel for any and all recordings. Service requests greater than 100 miles outside of Los Angeles County limits will have to be made directly using our contact page or emailing us at Additional travel expenses may apply, but all details may be discussed with your personal historian.
  6. My business would like to work with MySpokenStory. Is there corporate pricing?
    1. MySpokenStory has uniquely designed packages for third parties and government organizations. Please email us at We would love to discuss our corporate opportunities.