Memory Care + Feline Care

Catalina Care has found a way to mix memory care with everyone's favorite pet: kittens. Located in Oro Valley Arizona, Catalina Care is a memory care only location, owned by Frontier Management LLC. The skeptic in me wants to say, "Playing with kittens. That's a one-trick-pony! They just have a great marketing team." The truth is, this place has only received its recognition due to its continued positive record. A 2017 Arizona Daily Star favorite, it's clear they're doing their best to provide topnotch memory care. Senior Advisor puts them at 3 stars. Digging deeper the complaints stem from a now let-go administrator, or trivial things that don't put residents at risk or endanger them. I've worked at great communities and horrible ones. This place clearly is doing its best to stay in the 80+% range of good communities. 

In any case, take a look, enjoy positive vibes, and consider asking a memory care administrator you may know if this is an option in your town. 

For more information on Catalina Springs, you can find them here.